Winning Attitudes

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Winning Attitude 1 – Poor in Spirit

There are two types of people—the blessed ones and the sorrowful ones. These are contrasted in Luke 6:24-26. The sorrowful ones are those who depend on human success, luxury, etc. The winning attitudes describe qualities of the blessed people—those Christian believers whose priority is pleasing Christ. In Paul’s words, they are “foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” (1 Cor. 1:18).

Jesus talks of blessedness—meaning full of spiritual well-being and deep joy of the soul. In Latin the term is Beatus (Blessed), In Greek, Makarios (Happiness). 

Matt 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

One of the most misinterpreted terms in the bible is the term “poor”, or Ptōchos in Greek. This implies “the destitute”, “like beggar”, “dependent on a provider”. It does not imply material poverty or a poor-spirited attitude being willing to acknowledge needs and receive help. It Implies our realization of spiritual destitution without God and constant dependence on God in all walks of life. The “poor in spirit” are totally surrendered to God and have dedicated their lives (through profession or ministry) to the extension of His kingdom. They not only are respected citizens of the Kingdom of God but possess it. It is already theirs.

Henry Varley once said to his close friend, DL Moody, "It remains to be seen what God will do with a man who gives himself up wholly to Him." Mr. Moody said to himself: "Well, I will be that man”.  Moody gave up his thriving business and emptied himself so that God could fill him. 

God may not expect everyone to sell possessions and await a divine path but he does expect His disciples to be removed from attachments to His gifts and be good stewards. While we enjoy them, we should be ready to relinquish them if and when God asks us to. 

A good “litmus” test is to examine what truly excites or disturbs us. Kingdom matters or worldly matters? Only the Holy Spirit can give us a taste for heavenly things.

Is our passion and pursuit after enriching God’s Kingdom? Can we truly empty ourselves, surrender in God’s hands our joys, desires, and invest into enjoying a life full of God’s presence and spirit? Do we enjoy deep soul happiness?