Cheers To The Diaper Years

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My parents generously took my girls for a grandparent weekend (their stockings are definitely going to be a little fuller this year, am I right?!). Anyway, the quiet time gave me an opportunity to reflect on the role of Momma, which is the perfect mix of exhaustion, selflessness, and unrivaled gratification.

Being a Mom is truly the greatest role available, but it can also be downright overwhelming a lot of the time. As I was folding laundry (thank God for tiny miracles), I realized that in the midst of our busy weeks, we often forget to check in with our Provider. Or maybe we do check in from time to time, but only when we reach our breaking point in that all-too-familiar, frantic Momma-survivor mode. 

Either way, for the next few days I am going to share the top five prayers I believe every one of us needs in our spiritual Momma arsenals. These are tried and true words we should cling to not only in moments of frustration but also in moments of pure joy. Some of these prayers are cries out to our Father. Others are reminders that Jesus did take the wheel of our lives, and He’s never letting go … Today, let’s take a look at gratitude. 

Prayer # 1: Grateful Girl 

God. Is. SO. Good. If you are reading this, you are most likely a proud Momma, Grand-Momma, or Aunt. For whatever reason, you are uniquely familiar with the unbelievable gift of motherhood. From the moment the faint pink line appears on the pregnancy test, we become entranced with our little miracle growing inside. And sometimes, it’s important to reflect on just how incredible these beautiful, perfect (albeit sometimes buck-wild and insanity-inducing) gifts truly are. Join me in prayer, will you?


Before anything else, I want you to know how grateful I am to have the privilege of being called, “Mommy.” I understand my babies are precious, divinely-gifted blessings you have entrusted to me. I recognize that of the billions of choices in this world, you selected me for my children to serve the revered role of Mom. I am humbled by the opportunity to love, nurture, raise, encourage, support, empower, defend, protect, and guide my little loves.

Help me to never take this incredible journey for granted. Remind me—even when I am screaming at you to whisk me away to a deserted island with a population of one—I am filled with purpose because of you. My purpose, as it relates to my children, is to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to the task of raising God-fearing, mannerly, giving, kind, and committed Christ-followers.

Thank you, Lord. I know I will forget to say it once carpool, lunch-packing, and toddler tyranny ramp back up in a minute, but just know I am eternally grateful for my tiny reminders that there is hope in this world. There is love in this world. There is joy in this world. And it is all found in you, because of you, and through you. Amen.

All my love,

Grateful and Faithful