Discover God's Dream For You By Jennie Allen



There is a beautiful verse in the Bible hidden away in Acts, describing the end of David’s life: "When David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep" (13:36).

King David was a man after God’s heart who lived a passionate mess of a life, but he sought after God and God’s will. God used him to change the history of the world. This verse has two truths that make me tremble:

  1.  God has a unique purpose for each of us in our generation.
  2. We have the choice to live that purpose or not.

I want to serve the purpose of God in my generation before I fall asleep. I am calling you to the same. If we as a generation full of individuals serve the purposes of God on this earth, we could see our unwasted lives move together and change eternity.

I want to attempt something here together: to dream.

First, let’s assume that if we are breathing, we have a specific purpose for being here. Every one of us with breath in our lungs still has something left to do.

I want to dream of what those purposes may be.

I wish I could promise magical moments with angels scripting visions in the sky just for you. I wish I could promise at the end of these fourteen days, you would never feel empty, numb, or bored again. I can’t. But if you go here with me, the drum beat I hear in the distance, the one that makes my heart move faster-you will hear it. And maybe if we all hear and respond, we will see God move. We will know why we are here, why we are alive, what we are to do as a generation, and what we are to do as individuals.

As we set out on a new year-this is my prayer for you. That you would see the value of dreaming, that you would see you have an urgent part in God’s story here and that you would step into all that you do know and wait on God for what you don’t.


What things keep you from dreaming?

What could happen if you surrendered to God and allowed him to use you in any way he desired?

Adapted from Restless Bible Study Guide by Jennie Allen