Following Jesus Even When It Doesn't Add Up


What a Waste! 

Have you ever watched someone waste something worth a lot of money? That’s what seems to be happening on this evening when Jesus is chillin’ with some locals over dinner. All four gospels recount this story, filling in various details of the scene.

Almost out of nowhere, this woman comes up to Jesus and begins pouring at least a pint of really expensive perfume over Jesus’ head and feet. In case you forgot, a pint = sixteen ounces. 

Have you bought perfume or cologne lately? You practically have to open your Swiss bank account just to smell good! After you’ve made this costly purchase (usually over $50) you’re left standing there with a little glass bottle holding no more than two to three ounces if you’re lucky. 

Picture this woman dumping fifteen or more of those little glass bottles all over Jesus’ feet. How many lawns would a person have to mow to make that amount of cash?

Even those closest to Jesus denounced this as an act of irresponsibility. A squandering of over a year’s wages according to others. Some even argued the perfume could have been sold in order to help the poor (ah, the classic guilt trip). 

And Jesus? What’s his take? 

He praises her! He has nothing but praise for this woman’s reckless extravagance. Pure and utter wastefulness and Jesus eats it up! What kind of math is that Jesus?

One thing’s for sure: Jesus smelled really good for a really long time.


When was the last time you witnessed a “reckless extravagance” demonstrated out of a pure love for Jesus? Have you been on the receiving end of such “wastefulness?”