Be Someone's Miracle

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You are a channel of blessing

The heavens are open today! They are open over your life. Rain from heaven is flowing over your destiny and dreams.

You are going to this test, this interview, in your marriage, your family life….No matter the challenge, no matter the mountain that towers before you, God is carrying you, taking you under His wings, and with Him, you will succeed!

The God of heaven waters and blesses your life so that you may in turn bless others.

Today, be a channel of blessing for your brother, your sister, your co-worker, even your mailman. For example, say to someone, “Thanks for existing!”

Be a divine channel, letting the rain that refreshes your life flow from you to others!

Pray with me...“Lord, yes! I want to be this divine channel! I know that with You, I will succeed and be blessed. I choose in turn to be a blessing to others today! In Jesus’s name, amen.”

Thanks for existing!
Eric Célérier

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