Tony Dungy 4 Short Leadership Devos For All Teams

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As Christ followers, we are called to put individual needs aside for the good of the team. 

Whether you are an athlete or a coach on a sports team, a business employee, or a volunteer at a community organization, teamwork begins with looking out less for yourself and more for others—doing what you can to help the entire team. When members give generously to others, everyone is energized and enjoys the collective satisfaction that comes from their shared giving of time and talent. In other words, people thrive as they become part of something bigger and more significant than themselves.

As Christians, we must always look to Jesus as our example. He came to earth, remaining divine but living as a simple, blameless man. He died to take the punishment for our wrongdoing, sacrificing himself so that those who believe he paid the price for their sins can have the gift of eternal life.

Jesus put all of mankind before himself. His life is the ultimate illustration of selflessness and reminds us to make the needs of our team and its members our priorities rather than putting ourselves first. When team members excel, the whole team benefits. 

Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach Tony Dungy has written a new book to help transform groups, organizations, and families into winning teams. 

The Soul of a Team -by Tony Dungy- designed to teach you how to put S.O.U.L. in your team. Soul stands for: Selflessness, Ownership, Unity, Larger Purpose.