Praying To Forgive

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DAY THREE: The Story of Joseph  

Joseph endured things that would stop most people today in their tracks. They would become crusty and hard and critical. The tenderness of God would be driven from their hearts.

Joseph was betrayed by his family—his own flesh and blood. I don’t know if there is a deeper betrayal than the betrayal that comes from those that you love, and whom you thought loved you. For Joseph, the betrayal of his brothers was only the beginning—he would go on to endure other betrayals as well.

However, Joseph refused to wallow in self-pity. While in prison he worked hard, showing great character and sound moral judgment, and was given a measure of leadership while incarcerated. Having a good relationship with both the inmates and the guards in prison, Joseph’s cellmate promised to help him be set free from prison once he was back in a position to do so. But once the inmate got out of jail and went back to work, he forgot all about Joseph. So even in jail, Joseph experienced yet another betrayal.

The devil’s goal was to use these things to hem Joseph in behind the gate of betrayal. The devil would say, “Now Joseph, for the rest of your life, just endure people. Forget about serving people—look where it has gotten you. Listen, it’s time you look out for number one—it’s time to live your life for yourself. Do what you want, and make the most out of life. After all, staying on the straight and narrow is what got you into all this trouble. Forget other people, and live it up!”

But God had a plan for Joseph—a good plan—and He was using these difficult thirteen years to shape Joseph into a godly leader, one who would save many, many people.