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First 7 Days Following JesusSample

First 7 Days Following Jesus

DAY 1 OF 7


One of the most powerful things you need to understand as you Follow Jesus is how much God loves you; He isn't interested in some religious exchange. Instead, He invites us to walk closely with Him!

Following Jesus isn’t a religion. Think of it like this: most religions are about our human efforts to get to God and to try and make God happy, but Christianity or following Jesus is about God loving us so much that He gave everything to come close to us. 

In today’s verse, Revelation 3:20, you see that when you chose to say yes to Jesus and open your life to following Him, He doesn’t just open the door and hand you a “ticket to heaven” and then moves on to the next person.  The verse says that His plan is to come in and stay for dinner.

Why does this matter? Because staying for dinner speaks to God's desire to be with us. It’s always been His plan from the beginning. It was the sin of humanity that caused the separation, so Jesus coming to earth was all about eliminating that gap between us and Him!

As you follow Jesus, don’t live in fear, wondering if He’s mad at you. Instead, see your Savior and Lord as a father who loves you and invites you to come close!

Action: Focus on Jesus as your Savior, Leader and friend!

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First 7 Days Following Jesus

This 7 day devotional will help you with the initial steps of knowing and Following Jesus! Through this study you will discov...


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