Mary Was A Mom

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The girl chosen by God to bear His only Son was much like you and me. She was a very typical girl, yet He chose her for an incredible calling. She was not of royal descent and she wasn’t yet famous, but in God’s eyes, she was not considered ordinary. He knew her heart was turned to Him. He knew she was willing. These humble qualities are what set her apart from the normal. 

In God’s wildly magnificent plan, a plan He knew and had established before speaking the world into existence, He chose this young girl. He also chose the particular time and place in all of history to bring Himself to us, Immanuel. He could have come in any form, riding on the clouds of glory as He someday will. Instead, He came as a helpless, needy infant—completely God, completely human.  

And God chose Mary to be His mom.

Being a mom is the typical, unglamorous calling of many women. And while this particular mom’s assignment was one of magnitude for Who she carried, her life was no less significant than your own. 

Mary was extraordinary, and so are you.

Before the beginning of time, God set the trajectory of your life into motion. All those who came before you—your heritage, legacy, and origin—were ordered to put you at this particular moment and place in history. He knew this was the best position in time and perfect location in the world for you to know Him and for your life to display His glory and goodness. 

We can identify with Mary’s life of joy and heartache, laughter and longing, faith and fear. She was a mom, like you and me. She also chose to have a willing, servant’s heart, just as we can choose.

Her life was no coincidence, no accident, and neither is yours. 

Before the beginning, God planned and ordered for you a favored, abundant life of goodness and grace. Do you believe this?

Father, help me to see Your fingerprints throughout all of my life, bringing me to this time and place in history. May I purpose to turn my heart to You and be willing for all You have for me, even and most especially the difficult times. May I believe Your favor is with me—Your chosen daughter—just as it was with Mary. 

Maybe your own upbringing and family lineage aren’t stellar. Find comfort in knowing that even Jesus came from a long line of broken people. 

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