Dear Addiction...

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  Day 1: Introduction

Recovery is for everyone.

Whether you’re in recovery from drugs or alcohol, food or pornography, gambling or trauma, if you live this life long enough, you will have the need for recovery.

Over the five days of Dear Addiction, we will be addressing some of the issues that go along with recovery. Whether you are seeking to find out more about recovery or even hoping to breathe new life into a long-term recovery, our prayer is that this will encourage you on your individual path.

We understand this world from the inside out because we’ve been there. We know the lure of the good times of addiction and the shift that takes place when it stops being fun. We’ve hit rock bottom and watched God rebuild our lives on a new, stronger foundation. We have faced the giant of potential relapse. Through it all, because of the hope offered in Christ and the word of our testimony, we are Overcomers.

Recovery happens every day when we surrender to the only one who can change us: Jesus Christ. We are here to walk with you, give you the hope found in God’s word, and encourage you that recovery is possible.

No matter where you are starting, what you have done in your addiction, no matter what has been done to you or how you feel in this very moment, now is the time. Here is the place. Restoration and resurrection are possible because we serve the God whose very breath brought life to dry bones, streams in the desert, ways through the wilderness, and raised the dead to life.

Working a program of recovery is how we take back ground from the enemy, how we make amends for the choices we made in our addiction, and how we become the hands and feet of Jesus to go from our recovery to building the kingdom of God in other people’s recovery.

Recovery is worth it and so are you.