Trust For Today: A 7 Day Walk In Grace And Trust With Trueface


Needing to Prove Ourselves

We sometimes need to prove ourselves to ourselves—to discover our capacity, what we do well, and even to reflect on our maturity—to see what God is doing in us. All of this is good.

What’s not good is when we try to prove our worth to God or others. Yes, we can impress others with talent and effort. But deep down we want to be valued for who we really are, not primarily for what we can do. Ultimately, we can’t be satisfied by approval from only what we do. Who you are can never be proven by impressing. Who you are is already settled by God. You are a unique creation, made in God’s image, and eternally loved. When you’re trying to prove yourself worthy, you’ve missed the point.

God is never impressed with anything you can do apart from what He does in you.