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What Is Generosity?Sample

What Is Generosity?

DAY 1 OF 6

Generosity is more than giving. It’s giving above and beyond. 

What is generosity? A lot of people think it only deals with giving away a lot of money. And while that can be generous, it’s certainly not the only way we can be generous. If so, not very many of us would be able to be generous—especially not as students.

But there’s good news. We can all be generous. We don’t have to wait until we’re older, have full-time jobs, or make a lot of money. Generosity is a habit we can start today that will change how we—and the people around us—live tomorrow.

So, again—what exactly is generosity? Check out this drawing video to find out.

Generosity comes from the prefix “gen” which means “on and on.” That kinda gives us a hint about what it means. Generosity is not just giving. It’s giving that keeps going and going. It’s giving above and beyond.

But wait—we already said it’s not just about money. And that’s true. See, generosity is about abundance—believing there’s plenty to go around. When we’re selfish, we believe we have to save everything—our money, our time, our talents—for ourselves because there’s not enough of it to share. But generosity says the opposite. Living generously means trusting that God has given us enough money, time, and talent to give it away to others.

See, generosity isn’t about the money. It’s about our hearts. When we give, we are showing that we trust God, we’re becoming more like God, and we’re putting others before ourselves. But the key is that we have to give with a cheerful heart. We don’t give out of guilt. We give because we truly want to help others and because we truly believe it honors God.

We can be generous with our money, with our time, and by sharing our skills with other people. But what if you don’t make any money? We’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

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What Is Generosity?

You don’t have to wait until you’re older to live a generous life—in fact, the habits you set today determine how you’ll live...


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