Joseph Prince: Growing in Grace

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The Vast Ocean Of God’s Abundant Supply

In Romans 5:17, Paul gives us the key to reigning in life. It is found in receiving the abundance of God’s grace and His gift of righteousness.

Something happens when you stop depending on your own efforts, receive the abundance of God’s grace and lean wholly upon it. The moment you surrender and say, “Lord, I cannot, but You can. Today, I rest in Your unmerited favor,” whatever demand that is upon you disappears into the vast ocean of His abundant supply.

Many times, as I’m driving to church on Sunday morning, I feel the demand to preach a good message. The demand is real—tens of thousands of precious people show up expecting to be well fed! That’s when I turn to Jesus and receive His abundance of grace. I say to Him, “Lord, today, You are my guest speaker! I rest in You. You speak. You feed them. You provide! You take over and I will watch You in action!” The moment I let go, His grace and His supply rush in!

The same can happen for you. In every area of need or demand, lean on the Lord’s abundant grace. See Him stepping into your situation with His abundant provision. He will work in and through you to give you results way beyond what your limited strength, wisdom and ability can ever achieve!

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