Joseph Prince: Experiencing God's Provision

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You Cannot Exhaust His Supply

Let’s look at the miracle that Jesus performed in the feeding of the 5,000. This is the only miracle He performed that is recorded in all of the four Gospel accounts! This tells us that Jesus wants us to draw out all the hidden revelations in this miracle.

Notice, for example, how John records that the people ate “as much as they wanted” until “they were FILLED.” In other words, they ate and ate until they could eat no more! Everyone ate to his heart’s content and still there was plenty left over—12 baskets full, to be precise!

God’s supply of provision will always exceed your demand. He is such a BIG God, there is nothing He cannot do. My friend, don’t look to the world to supply your lack. Be wise—don’t touch easy loans with exorbitant interest rates hidden in the fine print, and become trapped in a financially sapping cycle of debt. Look to Jesus, His ways and His supply that never fails!