Long Life And Prosperity (Happy Birthday)

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Birthed for A Purpose 

I get really ecstatic about the event of the celebration of the day that I was born and this year is no different. In fact, the excitement seems to increase in intensity, as I get older. Why? Well because I am fully aware and grateful for the truth that God has been gracious enough to extend my life—not just to simply be here—but to be here creating an impact, being a blessing, and of course enjoying my family and the things that He has given me. 

Furthermore, I get to serve Him and to serve His people. Being alive and being here on earth, means that there is another chapter to my story and that God is not yet done with me. It excites me that God will still have me here as a vessel of honour.

My birthday represents the moment that God brought me forth from my mother’s womb and into this world—with an agenda, with a purpose and with a destiny established long before I got here. Every year on this earth is a blessing and a reminder that there is still work to be done, and that my capacity has not been exhausted.

God has also been gracious enough to you, not because you have anything over those that have passed on, but simply because of His mercy and grace. There is still more that He has placed in you to give to this world, and there is still more to do. God has not closed the book of your life here on earth—your purpose that He established before your mother dreamt of you, remains.

Here's a special prayer for you to pray through today:

Dear Lord,

I pray that You will continue to find me useful for Your service and Your glory. I pray that I will not be useless. You have walked the days, weeks, and months of the year ahead; there are things that You want me to see, to hear and to do. 

Father, I pray that You will lead me by Your Spirit. Please direct me back on track whenever I am going astray. Remind me of my purpose and destiny that You have already so beautifully carved out.  Help me to create an impact and to be a blessing.

Lord, I love You.

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God bless you!