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The Return

DAY 1 OF 7

Planning the Unknown

I could never have imagined, in my wildest dreams, the life that God had in mind for me since I was conceived. I believe God has dreams beyond our imagination for each one of us. I want to share some of my journey of stewarding life with you. Perhaps it will help you step into the dream God has for you.

He has hidden this abundant life like Easter eggs. We can run with joy, excitement, and expectation after it. We can lay down our lives for love and find true life in the process. We can give up our dreams and embrace God’s dream. It has been hidden away in our hearts all along. It is so much more beautiful than any dream He may invite us to let die. 

What will it be like when we face our Creator in eternity and He asks what we have earned with the talents he gave us? What return will we have gained for the one who invested everything?

My hope is that we will make the most of every opportunity. This way we can rejoice that He is such a good Father to let us work alongside Him—to be light like He is, loving and healing and bringing His peace, hope, and joy. Apart from Him we can do nothing, but with God all things are possible. (John 15:5 and Philippians 4:13)

Without God’s direction to know His purpose for the gifts He gives, we often make a mess of them. When we bring our gifts back to Him, he is excited for us to discover the potential for glory He has hidden in each one. When we make a choice about what to do with relationships, time, work, or resources, this choice is a way to manage the goodness, that thing we’re called to do. 

Each season holds its own special significance. The Bible says we don’t know where the wind goes—it’s unpredictable. That’s what it’s like to follow God. When we follow God’s Spirit, it makes us free and keeps us there. It forces us to break out of cages the world builds, to disintegrate our judgments, and to follow His true way of freedom.


Do you believe your passions are placed within you by God? How have you invested the talents God has given you?

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The Return

We all need a quiet, undisturbed place where we speak freely to God without restraint or fear of judgment. A place that allows us to sit and listen to His response. In such moments, reading God’s Word becomes a conversat...


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