Chasing Away Anxiety


Hello, and welcome to this six-day guided meditation series called "Chasing Away Anxiety". This first session is called "Getting Focused". My name is Danny Silk and I will be your guide.

During this time, I will be asking some questions and sharing my thoughts to help you become a more peaceful, clear and connected person. Find a quiet place, settle in, close your eyes if you can and take a deep breath or two.

My hope is that this meditation leads you to identify thoughts and mindsets that rob you of the gift of peace and power that God wants you to receive. People focus on things that might happen, things that haven’t happened but could possibly happen. Far too often, people create experiences in their own mind, live through them, experience all the negative emotions over those events, filling their blood stream with adrenaline over those events even though they never happen.
This is the torment of anxiety, living out terrors that don’t even happen. We get distracted from what needs to happen.

Let’s build some patterns of thinking, patterns that lead us away from this cruel cycle and build a today that we want to live in. I want to ask the Holy Spirit to come and guide us. Holy Spirit, please teach us in truth, guide us into the thoughts and intentions of our loving Father. I trust that You will lead us where we need to go together.

Let me ask you a question, to begin to focus your attention. What do you want most in life? What are the most important things in your life? Let’s ask the Holy Spirit a question. Is it alright with You for these things to be so important to me? Holy Spirit, is there anything you want me to remember that is so important to me?

Now let me ask you another question: does the activity, energy and time of your life focus with priority on these things? Would you say you spend most of your time thinking about these things? Does your time and schedule give priority to these things? I’ll tell you now, if you’ve answered ‘no’ to any of these last questions, this is a major source of your current anxiety.

The more distracted we get from what brings us happiness, the more easily our life disconnects from what God is doing. Are you focusing on the things that bring you happiness?

In a famous Psalm, Psalm 23 the Bible says, God leads me beside still waters and leads me into green pastures.

God’s heart for you is that you thrive, no matter what is trying to distract you. You and I thrive by staying focused on what He has for us. Look at that list that you have created, and throughout your day, ask the Lord to help you shift your focus.

God bless you as you focus on what’s most important today.