Two Minutes In The Bible For Women


Waiting in Ambush for God

Are you waiting for God to reveal His plans for your life?

Waiting for direction can certainly be difficult. However, remember this: without hope, waiting for God can feel like torture, but with confidence in Him, waiting can feel like joyful anticipation! Here’s why. Isaiah 30:18 says, “Blessed are all who wait for him!”

The Hebrew word translated “wait” means, in part, to wait in ambush. Just thinking about this definition makes me smile.

Imagine it. Waiting in ambush for God is like a happy-faced dog who knows his master is coming home, so he stays by the door, ready to pounce when he arrives. It’s like a young woman who counts the minutes for her date to show up for the prom. It’s like a freckle-faced boy who anticipates Christmas and counts the days until December 25.

To wait in ambush for God means hoping for the future and what He will do through us, because we know something good is going to happen—in God’s time, in God’s way.

When faith replaces distrust, the agony of waiting can turn into hopeful anticipation.

To wait in ambush for God is to be fully convinced He is working behind the scenes. I allow my heart to dream about the goodness that will be mine after my wait is over.

On the contrary, when I wait without dreaming, my future hopes are not hope at all, but despair. The end result of waiting in faith is always a reward. But when we wait without hope, we may act out of our unbelief through sin and run ahead of God.

To wait in ambush for God means I have to choose to trust Him until He shows up. I may have to say, “Shana, what do you believe? Do you believe God is at work? Will you choose to believe He has a plan? If so, lift up your head, girl! God is on His way!”

Are you waiting for God to show you how He is going to use you for His glory? Are you in an uncomfortable in-between place? Do you need Him to answer a prayer?

If so, lift up your head and wait in ambush for God. He’s on His way!

If you are in a time of waiting, are you waiting on God in joyful expectation?