30/30 Challenge Reading Plan


Welcome to the 3030 Challenge! You are beginning a 30-day journey that will change your life as you spend just 30 minutes a day for the next 30 days studying the Bible.

When you really study God’s Word, you discover that it’s the key to finding everything you’re looking for and everything you need in life. The Bible reveals who God is and who He’s created us to be. It’s the source of Truth, timeless wisdom, and has the power to transform you into the image of Christ. Spending time with God by studying the Word is the most valuable thing you can do!

There is no specific plan you have to follow to successfully accomplish this challenge. These devotions will encourage you by revealing some of God’s promises and giving you simple, biblical principles to apply to your life. They can be a jumping off point to get you into the Bible or you can use the key scriptures as your focus to really dig into the Word.

If you’re struggling in a certain area—like relationships, managing your emotions, understanding God’s plan for you, getting your finances under control, etc.—focus on scriptures that speak to that issue. Or maybe you’re interested in a book of the Bible you’ve never read before and want to go through that. Whatever your approach, you can’t go wrong when you take time each day to meditate on God’s Word. So, are you ready to get started?

Walk It Out

Think about what you hope to experience or accomplish during this challenge. Are you focusing on having a closer relationship with God? Do you want to pick a topic like love, faith, finances, relationships or prayer to study about? It’s important to have a direction in mind to keep you going. You can also sign up for the 3030 Challenge at joycemeyer.org/biblestudy to receive emails with words of encouragement that will help keep you going. But remember: There is no wrong way to go about this as long as you’re spending time studying God’s Word. Open your heart to God and expect His Word to work in your life!