Grow Up


Welcome to the inside of my mind during my first year of full-time study at a Bible College in Sydney. I was a mature-age student but delving into the book of Ephesians swiftly exposed just how immature I was. 

Having nothing to do with how I still love lollies as an adult, this immaturity shockwave through my system was caused by passages such as the one we are looking at today. 

Among many other truths revealed by Ephesians 4, I came to understand (for the first time, I think) that it’s not all about me and my own Christian faith. For most of my life, being a follower of Jesus had been a self-centred and self-directed pursuit. 

But not only am I to live my life for Jesus Christ as measured against him (as opposed to the arbitrary measurements I had set up), I’m also to be growing “in every way into Him” – with other Christians. Such a biblical call to maturing as a collective—not just in isolation—refocused my Christian life and has even led to me writing this Bible study about how we might grow together.

QUESTION: Why might you prioritise the maturing of your Christian faith, and help others to do the same?