A Greater Calling // Recharged For A Purpose

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Something More

My daughter, I see you. So beautiful. 

Daughter, you are so beautiful. 

I know you feel distracted by many things, but I call you to something greater. It is greater not because of the size of it or because it will give you security or fame. 

It is greater because it gives you the joy of your heart, the heart that sings with Me and knows My name and the sound of My voice in you. It is greater because it is best for you. It is what I have made for you to do, with Me.

Remember that only the things that I call you to do with Me will bring you joy—the deep, true joy that makes you glad you are living and that give you energy and excitement to raise that weary head of yours to face another day. 

The things I call you to do with Me may make you tired, your body growing weary from work and your heart aching from the love I give you for others. But your soul is not weary. 

Your hope in Me and the joy you have in completing with Me the task I have given you to do spurs you on so that you can’t imagine life before this joy.

But you do remember, don’t you?

You know what it feels like to be weary of spirit, weary of heart. Let Me take those burdens, child. Let Me take the weight of regret and indecision and worry. Let Me carry you and bring clarity to your days.

Eyes on Me, child.

What I give you to do brings joy and challenge, hope and work. And it is work that stirs your heart and brings life to your days because then you are not distracted by other things and are working alongside Me.

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