Unlimited Destiny



The Bible is a tale of two cities. In the very first book of the Bible, you read about the city of Babylon. In Genesis 11 there is an attempt to build a tower to Heaven, so humanity will be safe from a future flood. This is the beginning of Babylon. 

At the Tower of Babel, the people said, "Let us make for us a name." Today we don't know even one of their names. Every human way to heaven fails. 

The same book of Genesis talks about a second city, Salem. Salem later became Jerusalem.

Daniel, in the middle of the Bible, introduces these two cities in the very first breath of the book (Daniel 1:1–2). Right from the start in the book of Daniel, Babylon opposes Jerusalem, and the temple. All the way through the book we find that opposition to the sanctuary symbolizes the opposition of the enemies of God to the people of God, and the gospel of God.

So, the first book of the Bible is a tale of two cities: Babylon and Jerusalem. The last book of the Bible, Revelation, also talks of these same two cities: the holy city and the unholy city. The conflict between Jerusalem and Babylon is an important theme of the Bible, and it continues today.

Of which city are you a citizen: of the heavenly Jerusalem or the earthly Babylon? Different countries have different ways of thinking and valuing things. With which city do your values line up?