When Your Bad Meets His Good

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DAY ONE: How God Uses Your Pain for Purpose

Pain is part of life on earth. Many times we create our own storms. Then we get mad when it rains.

That’s what I was doing. But after being twice married and divorced, losing my business, and having to move back in with my parents with my two boys in tow, I went on a journey to find God, myself, and my purpose. I chose to no longer blame everyone else for my situation, and instead, I gave God permission to heal my heart.

Pain is the prerequisite for promotion. I like to call these painful times the “cocoon experience” because they are dark, scary, and uncomfortable seasons. But their purpose is beautiful beyond human imagination.

When God sends you there, He forces you to lose who you are so you can become who you are supposed to be. The process doesn’t always feel good. I know that painful seasons can be lonely times of frustration and identity crisis. You have a promise of your purpose from God, but your environment doesn’t resemble that promise at all. You have to trust what God is doing in the darkness and work with Him as He forms you. He is re-creating you through your pain.