Bible Prophecy 101

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How Will Bible Prophecy Help Me Grow?

With the pressures of life and the very real struggles people face, some believers may wonder if studying Bible prophecy is relevant to their daily lives. Wouldn’t it be more practical to spend time studying scripture that relates to topics such as work, marriage, raising kids, resisting temptation, or living without worry? All of those are extremely valid areas of study, but I have also found that studying Bible prophecy has some overarching practical benefits that are critically important to our daily lives as believers in Jesus Christ.

Over the years as I have studied Bible prophecy, I’ve noticed that it affects the way I live. As I am reminded that Christ’s return is drawing closer and that many people I know still need to turn to Christ for salvation, there are three things that happen internally.

The first is I find myself wanting to grow spiritually and live with more purity and dedication in a world that seems to be growing darker by the day. I find that I have more passion and resolve to live the way Christ calls us to live as I see the Bible come to life and as I anticipate His return.

Second, I find myself wanting to point others to Jesus because I want as many people as possible with me in heaven when the dust settles.

Third, I find myself living with a much clearer perspective as I view world events through the eyes of Bible prophecy. Armed with a deeper trust and knowledge that God has a specific plan and that He keeps his promises, I’m more able to live courageously and purposefully in the face of an increasingly unstable world.

Ultimately, I’ve found that the study of prophecy helps me to grow in my faith, share my faith, and see with the eyes of faith.

If you and I take on the important task of studying prophecy and end-time events, we will continue to grow deeper in our faith, reach more people for Christ, and experience a more abundant and fearless life. Those three components combine to give us a faith that is more relevant than we’ve ever had before. We also become watchmen and women on the wall. That’s "Christianese" for being able to warn others of the coming judgment and taking full advantage of the current wide-open door to invite people to rush into the arms of a loving Savior who died for them.

The bottom line is that Bible prophecy is extremely practical, and God clearly wants us to study it, as demonstrated by Revelation 1:3. Don’t let the enemy’s attempts to confuse the issues blind you to the amazing practical blessings that are yours when you study Bible prophecy.


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