Unlimited Grace


 Jesus Bore Your Sin: Jesus was treated as we deserve that we might be treated as He deserves. 

And so, Jesus also suffered outside the city gate to make the people holy through his own blood (Hebrews 13:12, NIV). 

Jesus was crucified, outside the city gate where the garbage was kept. The lepers were considered to be like garbage so they were also required to be outside the city gate.  The Bible says we are spiritual lepers. We have a disease from which we are not going to entirely recover in this life. It's in the blood, so to speak.  We are the spiritual lepers, but Jesus was treated as we deserve that we might be treated as He deserves.  

Upon Him was laid the punishment that makes us whole and gives us peace. With His stripes, we are healed.  Jesus took your condemnation and gave you His perfect life. He took your agony and gave you His victory. He took your wounds and gave you His healing. He took your death and gave you His life. He took your crown of thorns and gave you a crown of glory. 

How sweet it is to hear this news! To surrender to Jesus, say these words to him, “I am a sinner, I have sinned, I am sinning, I will sin; but on Jesus has been laid the iniquity of my past, my present, and my future, and since He has borne it, I need not.” 

There is no longer the need for your soul to be oppressed by guilt, to feel weighed down, and burdened by mistakes.  Share your heart with God.  Tell Him about any area that you feel shame or guilt.  You are declared righteous and no longer sent outside the city gates but welcomed into the family of God