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Prodigal Son Transformation With Kyle IdlemanSample

Prodigal Son Transformation With Kyle Idleman

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“The Recipe for AHA”

My wife has this cookbook at home, a gift from our wedding. It’s called “The Three Ingredients Cookbook.” She would want me to tell you that she doesn’t really use it. When she cooks, there’s typically more than three ingredients involved. The truth is that I am the one who uses “The Three Ingredients Cookbook.”

On the rare occasions I’m allowed in the kitchen, this cookbook is my go-to cooking companion, because honestly, three ingredients is about my culinary capacity. One of the things I’ve learned the hard way is that when using The Three Ingredient Cookbook, all the ingredients are necessary—no, absolutely vital.

This is the downside to The Three Ingredient Cookbook. You can’t cheat. If you only use two ingredients, it doesn’t work very well.

The same is true for AHA experiences.

I’ve listened to the AHA experiences of hundreds—if not thousands—of people over the years. I’ve studied numerous transformation experiences of key figures in the Bible. With striking consistency, AHA always has three ingredients. If any one of these ingredients is missing, it short-circuits the transformation process:

(1) A Sudden Awakening (2) Brutal Honesty (3) Immediate Action (Awakening, Honesty, Action = AHA)

If there is an awakening and honesty, but no action, then AHA doesn’t happen.

If there is awakening and action, but honesty is overlooked, AHA will be short-lived.

But when God’s Word and the Holy Spirit bring these three things together in your life, you will experience AHA—a God-given moment that changes everything.

* Are you ready for an AHA moment that changes you? Are you willing to go through the three steps in this process?


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About this Plan

Prodigal Son Transformation With Kyle Idleman

Taken from his book "AHA," join Kyle Idleman as he discovers the 3 elements that can draw us closer to God and change our lives for good. Are you ready for the God moment that changes everything?

We would like to thank David C Cook for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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