Love Of Another Kind


 Day 1: Love Of Another Kind

“They would change their tune, they would add another measure, If they only knew this love of another kind.” —Amy Grant

Love is complicated. It is an emotion, and it is an act of the will. It can be a verb and a noun. It touches everyone, but not everyone is in it. You can’t always feel it, but you still know it’s there. Love has become the code word for any number of things. It can mean acceptance, forgiveness, always being kind, not being mean, tolerating someone, telling someone the truth, and a whole host of other activities. 

What did Jesus mean when He said “love the Lord your God,” or “love your neighbor,” or “love your enemy”? It is important to understand that there are different words for love in the original language of the New Testament. We will look at four—phileo, eros, storge and agape. 

Eros would be reserved for particular relationships, but if you look at phileo, storge, and agape, you get a clearer picture of what Jesus was talking about. Love looks like all those. Love looks like being the type of person who is willing to share this kind of love with those around them, regardless of their worth.  

Join me as we examine and define each love over the next four days.

Questions to consider

· What keeps you from loving others?

· What is one thing you can do to show someone you love them TODAY?

· What is one thing you can practice to help you experience the love God has for you?