Different Direction



  • After God made the concept of work, sin made work difficult. God’s perfect workplace for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden included meaningful contribution and fulfillment, but their decisions to sin introduced confusion and frustration. Following their disobedience, God told Adam and Eve that they would still have to work in order to survive, but their work would now produce death in addition to life.
  • But even in the difficulty, we are still designed to work. The hardship of work is a present reality, but Christians can step into that hardship in a way that directs people to hope. If we’re committed to a Different attitude than the world around us, we can face frustrations with an unshakable faith. Our Difference is an incredible opportunity to direct people towards the promise of perfect redemption we have in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • Prepare to read the following verses by praying & asking God to focus your attention and affections on Him.



  • Where is your work difficult? Why?
  • What is your attitude in the difficulty?
  • How can you find joy in the struggle?