Proverbs to Remember Three


Pro. 21.1 Man says: Government leaders can be awful. God says: Trust Me, I haven't lost control.

Pro. 21.13 Man says: The poor are getting what they deserve. God says: You don't know that.

Pro. 21.14 Man says: Nothing calms her down once she gets started. God says: Gifts calm.

Pro. 22.6 Man says: What's my first priority as a parent? God says: Train your children.

Pro. 22.17-18 Man says: I'm a pretty insightful and intelligent guy. God says: Make My words yours.

Pro. 23.4-5 Man says: I need to work this much so we can have a comfortable living. God says: Forget getting wealthy.

Pro 23.7 Man says: Most people are honest. God says: You need to know their heart.

Pro. 24.1-2 Man says: Sometimes I wish I could do what bad people do. God says: Stay away from them.

Pro. 24.17-18 Man says: I think it's great when bad guys are crushed. God says Don't rejoice when your enemy falls.