The 7 Roots Of Anger

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Root 3 — Insecurity

The more insecure people are, the easier it is for them to feel anger. Why? Because insecurity is often related to feelings of low self-worth that come from: 

  • Rejection
  • Fears (especially fear of loss)
  • Disappointment
  • Feelings of inadequacy

Not everyone who has these feelings becomes angry, but many people do. They blame themselves. They blame others. They feel shame. A deep inner frustration develops that takes the form of anger. And, as stated previously, when the person begins to act out based on his or her emotions, the results are almost always negative.

Insecure people have difficulty establishing good, lasting relationships. They simply can’t see how they could add value to anyone else’s life. Also, lack of confidence can cause some people to withdraw from others, which can easily be mistaken for anger or an act of arrogance. 

After a while, insecure people typically get angry. When they go so long feeling so poorly about themselves, they start to resent the success and happiness of others.

Can you see how something as subtle as a lack of confidence can have a debilitating effect on one’s life? Don’t allow such devastation to affect you or your relationships with others. Pray for the ability to recognize areas of self-doubt. Then, begin taking control today by asking the Lord to heal any insecurities and resulting anger you may have.