Anger: The Good, The Bad, The Destructive

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Expressing Anger As Righteous Indignation

Feelings of righteous indignation can and should be expressed. But even good anger can create inner turmoil if these feelings don’t find godly expression aimed at resolving ungodly situations. Righteous indignation doesn’t brew inside a person the way resentment and bitterness do. But, if unexpressed, it can produce a spirit of confusion, doubt, and frustration. When you feel righteous indignation and something can be done, take action. How?

1. Stand Up

Our good anger should cause us to stand for what’s right. Working peacefully within the law, you can find ways of problem solving that are effective. Pursuing godly goals and acting in godly ways is important when fighting against negative situations or injustices.

Get involved in ministry efforts to change, correct, and end things that are contrary to God’s desires: abuse, ignorance, poverty, slavery, pornography, abortion, and anything else that you know is in clear violation of His commandments. 

2. Speak Up

Righteous indignation also should cause us to speak up. When you or I recognize something is being taught or preached that’s contrary to God’s Word, we have an obligation to say something.

Don’t let anything stop you from speaking up when you hear lies, false doctrine, and wrong teaching. Find the right time and use the right method to speak the truth. The right time may be at the next meeting of church members, the city council, the board of education, or the PTA at your child’s school. Get on the agenda. Prepare yourself in advance. Ask God to show you the right method and the best way to speak up.

3. Pray Up

It’s always appropriate to express righteous indignation in a prayer request voiced to God. If you see someone hurting or taking advantage of another person, your first response should be to pray. When you fight your battles on your knees, you win every time (2 Chron. 7:14).

Our righteous indignation kicks in when we see people being mistreated. We want to be able to correct it. The best way to do so is to fully commit the situation or circumstance to the Lord through prayer … 

and then watch Him work. His Word promises that in time and in accordance with His plans, He will.