Psalm 23 - The Shepherd With Me

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


I’m sitting here with my coffee thinking of you. I wonder where you are as you open this devotion. I wonder how your heart is. I’ve written several Bible studies, but there is something that feels so uniquely personal about this one. I feel like we’re walking the same paths, dealing with the same challenges, fighting the same fears, and holding on to the same hope. I imagine you sitting at my kitchen table with me as I write this and sip my coffee—as if we’re talking it through, learning from each other. By the way, I’m sure my table has the remains of breakfast stuck to it, so just wipe it with your sleeve. I won’t notice, promise! I won’t see you wipe away the sticky stuff from my table because I’m blind. I’ve been blind since I was 15 and Blindness has  made me lean hard on my Shepherd . and boy, do I learn more everyday how much I need Him. So pour your coffee, tea , and let’s get started. 

Read Psalm 23 out loud. 

Beautiful, isn’t it? Before we even study the Scripture, let’s study our hearts. 

Do any special memories come up when you read, hear, or think of Psalm 23? 

What kinds of feelings stir in your heart when you read this passage? 

Most of us have some memory of Psalm 23 in our past. Maybe it was Granny’s favorite psalm. Maybe it was read at the funeral of someone you love. Or maybe you memorized it as a child. Psalm 23 is personal. It’s not an arm’s-length, past-tense, wouldn’t-it-be-nice kind of passage. Psalm 23 is a right here, right now, up close passage about you and your Shepherd. 

Today’s goal is  simply to personalize it! Write out Psalm 23 with your name inserted in each verse. Take a picture of it with your phone and recite it over and over all day. Ask God to use it to remind you that your Shepherd is with you. Every time you read your name in the Psalm, remember your name is written on His Heart. Lean on Him today to affirm that you are not alone. 

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