Fresh Fire For Couples

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Intentional Devotionals

 One day, we asked a friend of ours who was struggling in marriage, “When do you read the Bible?” She responded, “I read it at the end of the day, before bed, because it gives me peace and puts my mind at rest.” What we found interesting about our friend’s logic was even though she was going through trials, she put God at the end of her day as opposed to the beginning of her day. 

Imagine if she would have put God before her battles and not at the end of them. If she had only put God at the beginning of her day, He would have given her the wisdom, joy and peace she needed to combat her battles. 

Instead, she faced her battles each day without a word from God. 

Can we remind you all it takes is one word from God to change the trajectory of your relationship? One thing we understand is that if we aren’t spiritually fed, we will be emotionally led. When we’re emotionally led, we can’t make wise decisions. Therefore, we can’t afford to make God optional, He must be a priority in our lives.

God has always taken first place in our relationship and now in our marriage. When we were dating, we each sought God first, and then we would schedule a phone call before work to talk about how God spoke to us that morning. This unfading trend has transferred into marriage with us. 

We now seek God one-on-one followed by a discussion over breakfast. 

We understand our marriage is destined to succeed when God is the foundation we build on. Often, when we counsel other couples, they express that they don’t have time to seek God. They insist their schedules are too busy. 

Here’s what we’ve learned, you’ll always make time for what you value. If you value it, you’ll make room for it and if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

Matthew 6:33 (NJKV) says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Notice this scripture says to first seek God’s kingdom and your necessities will be added to your life. What does your marriage / relationship need? Are you in need of peace? Are you in need of provision? Are you in need of fresh fire? Because as you first seek God, He will not leave you empty-handed. He is our provider and is willing to provide for your every need. It is God’s desire to see your marriage prosper. 

He wants to see you win in life, but to receive what He has for you, you must be willing to seek Him.


Have you made time for God daily? If not, what is your struggle in doing so and how can you make the time to have daily appointments with God? 


Heavenly Father, forgive me if I haven’t always been intentional about seeking you. From this day forward, I will make the time for you. I pray that as I seek you, you will fill me with wisdom and revelation that will greatly bless me, my relationship / marriage, and others. In Jesus name.