Songs Of Praise

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Now this is Music

What do you do when you find yourself in a seemingly impossible situation with no help, no hope and no way out? Might I suggest you do as David did – Sing!

We find the background for Psalm 3 when David states that he wrote this when he fled from Absalom, his son. Picture for a moment David, the King, hiding in a cave from those who have turned against him – his third son, Absalom, his closest advisors and the nation of Israel. He is alone in the wilderness, on the run and fearing that Absalom will kill him. What does he do? He writes this incredible Psalm.

First, he assesses his situation and talks about it directly to God. He sees that his troubles are on the rise, his friends have become his foes and their advice to him is that there is no help coming even from God. This is a gut-wrenching, brutally honest look at his situation.

He then acknowledges God this way, “But You, Oh God are…” David says that even though my situation seems hopeless, You, God, are my shield, my glory and the One who lifts me up. He then addresses the congregation (who will ultimately be the ones who sing this song) and says, “I cried and God heard and brought me just what I needed - rest.”

David then asks God for His help. He turns to the only One who has the power and the strength and the compassion to help and he petitions God to move on his behalf. David says, “Arise, O Lord; save me, O my God.”

Finally, David announces his praise of God and speaks this praise as if God has already saved him. He says that God has already done the work of salvation and he reminds the nation that the Lord and His blessings are on them. 

David sings a song that expresses that God is our Shield, our Sustainer and our Savior in the most difficult situations. He illustrates that we should assess our situation honestly; acknowledge God in our hopelessness; ask Him for His help; and announce our praise for Him. God’s deliverance – now that is music to our ears!

What is your song to God when you find yourself in a seemingly impossible situation? 

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