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Wild Life—Start Really LivingSample

Wild Life—Start Really Living

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Start Really Living

In John 10:10, Jesus made life sound pretty simple. There’s an enemy who steals, kills, and destroys—and then there’s Jesus who came to give us life, and life to the full.

When’s the last time you were like, “Man, I am just living to the full right now!” More likely you’ve said, “Life is full,” but you meant it a little differently. Maybe you’re stressed, unsure of where your career is going, addicted, or feeling distant from God and the people you love.

What’s the difference between the life Jesus said He came to give and the life so many of us live? That’s a good question. So, we gathered a bunch of guys, like you, to figure out how to start really living.

I’m Jason, one of those guys, and I’m addicted to what we’ll call the “performance treadmill.”

As a kid, I watched a well-meaning doctor use a chart to show my mom I was morbidly obese. I had a big vocabulary for a kid. To me, those words meant not only did I not measure up to the norm, but I was also sick and twisted. Ouch.

These are the kinds of moments that can easily begin to steal, kill, and destroy.

For the next couple of decades, I spent too much energy trying to convince God and everyone else that I measured up. “Just Jason” wasn’t enough. I decided I had to be the best at everything else. You relate?

Trying to compensate by being the best-ever at college, marriage, parenting, career, or whatever is kind of like trying to fill a valley with dollar-store squirt gun. It’s not really living.

So how do we start really living? Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, though pain opens up holes in our lives, God is with us. In our weakness, He is strong. God’s presence can fill and heal our valleys so we don’t have to.

Jason, enough

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Pray: God, show me how I’ve tried to compensate for the pain I’ve experienced. Forgive me for all the ways I’ve left You out of the process. Thank You for being with me through it all.

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Wild Life—Start Really Living

Jesus didn’t give up His perfect life so you could just make it through yours. Seven guys—like you—set aside a few days to slow down, have fun, find answers, and get it all on video. Is life just work and stress? How do ...


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