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The compassion of Jesus Christ was always predicated on the existence of a need for that compassion. In the verse quoted here, Jesus felt compassion for those suffering from disease and sickness. Other places where His compassion shows forth, He feeds the hungry or even weeps with sympathy among those who have lost a loved one. 

The compassion of Jesus Christ was responsive in nature. His compassion responded to that which he saw around Him. As his followers, our eyes likewise need to be opened to the troubles and distresses of those around us. As his disciples, we are called to imitate his love on this earth. We are called to replicate the model of service he walked while here. One aspect of that service was his compassion. 

As a result of that compassion, Jesus healed. Or he fed those who were hungry. Or he taught. Or he comforted through his real presence by identifying with their real loss. 

If we are to be examples of the love of Jesus Christ to those who live in a darkened and distressed world, we must do so with compassion. However, we must not do so only from a distance. We must remember that the compassion of Jesus Christ was always exemplified in a deeply personal manner. He himself gave of himself – either through his time or of his emotions – to show love through compassion. He didn’t delegate the actions of His compassion outside of his own personal involvement. Rather, he involved himself in the lives of others. 

Showing compassion to others must first begin with feeling compassion for others. As someone who has experienced the compassionate love of Jesus Christ, which we all have who know Him personally, it is our duty and joy to spread that love among others. Yet to do so will require an opening of our eyes to the plight of our neighbors, our fellow church members, the people whom we know and see in our towns and our global brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Let us not simply receive the compassion of Jesus Christ and consume it. As His own disciples, let us make every effort to reflect him in all that we do.

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