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I always laugh at the meme that shows a group a kittens walking into a prayer meeting and a group of lions coming out. 

Experiencing the power of God at church, small group, devotional time—it's all great. Yet, how often does it feel like we leave God there? We somehow can't perceive that He's with us even at work, dinner, and the gym. God's not a location or building; He's personal, and He's with you wherever you go. 

God desires for us to find peace in Himself and that means at any point, at any location.

We have a tendency to go to church on Sunday and get all fired up during the service. The Word of God is preached, you worship God in songs, and you may even observe the Lord’s supper. But what happens next is what our focus is on today. We leave the church, and the glow of God’s peace starts to fade.. We take our eyes off of God and let the world back in. 

If you don’t stay plugged into the Word of God daily, by Tuesday the wonderful peace of God may feel like a distant memory. By Thursday, you are focused more on the fact that the next day is Friday and the weekend is around the corner—rather than the peace of God.

So instead of limping through the week to only plug into God’s peace and power on a Sunday, take Him with you wherever you go. 

Just think of a week where every day was a Sunday. A win for you! Think of the kind of person you’d be without a fair amount of worry or fear in your life. God says, “Be strong and courageous” so…do that!

Uncommen Questions:

Do you only tap into the Peace of God on Sunday?

What do you do to tap into the Peace of God daily?

Uncommen Challenge:

I challenge you to stay connected to God’s Peace on a daily basis. Spend time in God’s word and pray daily for God to pour into you so you may serve him and lead others to Christ Jesus.

Scripture Reference:
Joshua 1:9