When In Doubt

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Another thing in life that can break us is doubt—especially when we doubt God Himself. Perhaps the one person most closely associated with the word "doubt" would be the disciple Thomas. Many call him Doubting Thomas because of his encounter with Jesus and the other disciples following the resurrection. There are two distinct, yet similar encounters that the Scriptures record. Let’s take a look. 

The first situation took place when Jesus appeared to the disciples without Thomas. The door is closed and they are assembled and Jesus is suddenly in their midst. He says, “Peace be with you,” and then shows them His hands and His side. He also tells them that He is sending them out into the world as the Father sent Him. Jesus departs and they relate the story to Thomas after this incredible event. His response is what we remember. He tells them that he will not believe unless he sees the nail prints in His hands, put his finger in the nail holes and his hand on Jesus’ side where He was pierced with a spear on the cross.

Eight days later, the same scenario down to the last detail occurs and Jesus appears again, this time with Thomas in the room. Jesus immediately invites Thomas to look and see His hands and to reach out and touch His hands and His side. He says to Thomas, “Do not be unbelieving, but believe.” John’s gospel records Thomas’ response. He did not reach out and touch Jesus, instead he immediately fell down at His feet and said, “My Lord and My God!” Thomas immediately believes.

Pastor Selwyn Hughes said, “Thomas had a moment of doubt, but he came back from that place of weakness to become strong. His doubts were allayed in one glorious moment of illumination – and so can yours.” It has been said, "doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs." Thomas took his doubts about Jesus to Jesus and he was made stronger at his broken place. His doubt about Jesus was turned into a deeper faith in Jesus. Thomas didn’t stay a doubter. Instead, he took to heart the answer to his doubt and became a strong follower of Christ. What about you?

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