Social Justice and the Love of Money

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“Pursuing Justice, a Reflection of Him”

God’s heart for justice is an expression of grace itself. God hasn’t given up on His creation. God hasn’t given up on the world. God hasn’t given up on you. The truth is that He calls His church to pursue justice, to right wrongs, and to proclaim good news to the poor. How can we not believe in this kind of gospel… when this gospel has been extended to us?

The inescapable truth about justice is that there is something wrong in the world that needs to be set right. Sometimes the things that need to be set right are not just in the lives of those we seek to serve. The things that need to be set right may also be in our own lives.

We need to pursue justice not just because the world is broken, but because we’re broken too. Pursuing justice helps us put our own lives in order. Perhaps this is what God intended—that in doing His work serving others, we discover more of His character and are changed ourselves.

* How is our doing justice a picture of God’s own love? How has pursuing justice helped you further understand God’s love for us and Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself?