Time Alone With God

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Listen to His Voice

As children of God, our purpose in life is to manifest Christ through loving God and loving people. The only way to do so, is to know Jesus Christ more and more each day. In order to understand your identity in Christ, your nature and traits as a son or daughter of God, you need to set aside some time to interact with the Father. It is through reading the Word, praying, meditating, renewal of the mind and life transformation that you can do so productively. There is a sequence, an order, a path to walking with God for a lifetime: Listen to His voice, manifest His character and ways, and fulfill the purpose.

Most people feel they have very little time for God. However, most of us make time for what we think is necessary and important. Jesus modeled for us His commitment to time alone with His Father. One of the uncompromising principles in walking with God is hearing His voice. The way we hear His voice is through spending time with Him in the Word and in prayer. This time is often called quiet time, time alone with God or personal devotions. Time with God will include spiritual disciplines that come out of a seeking heart. Hearing God’s voice is not limited to our quiet time, but it is a good place to start to transform our ways. Before coming to Jesus Christ, we were happy with our way of thinking, but today we seek first our heavenly Father. After some time of practicing these spiritual disciplines you will find yourself talking to the Father constantly throughout the day; in the midst of circumstances, you will automatically go to Him with gratefulness and continuous praise. 

Quiet time means that you set aside a period of time to be alone with God. If you work at a factory or an office, it is usually best to have this time in the morning. Select the best time of the day when you are sure there won’t be any kinds of interruptions. Some mothers prefer to have their quiet time after their kids have gone to school and their husbands are at work. Those who work from home, may have a better chance of solitude after lunch. If your best time to be alone with God is at night, after finishing the day’s activities, do not hesitate to use that time to enjoy with your heavenly Father!

During intimate time with the Father, you can read the Scriptures, pray, meditate, memorize and write in your journal the insights gleaned from your time alone with God. These spiritual disciplines do not have to be practiced sequentially but incorporated into your daily routine and devotional time. 

Choose today the schedule you will set aside daily for your quiet time with God.