Mr. & Mrs.

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An Unbreakable Bond

The oneness of marriage gives glory to God. Shared purpose, selfless love, and spiritual unity create a beautiful picture of the One we worship. As a child of God—brothers and sisters of Jesus—you can experience agreement and peace in your relationship. 

You find unity when you hold to one truth, the Bible and when you serve God together without holding back. Unity comes when you choose to love each other before yourselves and when you’re seeking God’s perfect will instead of having your own way. You will have unity when you’re humble, thankful, and prayerful and when you love God with all your heart, soul, and strength. 

Choose to agree today. Lay down your rights and let go of what you’re fighting for. Pray and ask God to lead your life together. Repent of sin that’s dividing you from each other and the Lord. Study the Word to share knowledge of the truth. Let the Holy Spirit join you together in “mind and thought” today. 

Lord, make us one as you are one. Tear down any walls that divide, and unite us in every way. Amen.