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True WorshipSample

True Worship

DAY 1 OF 5

True Worship


Rocky Fleming

Day One – Slow Down

Jesus said to His disciples to come to Him, and to allow our burdens to be released to Him. Why is a release of our burdens to Jesus necessary for entering into a deeper worship of God? Could it be that burdens can become so important to us, and so critical in our thinking that they can become idols of responsibility that weigh us down? Can we worship God and an idol at the same time? Of course not. But we try to do so when our attention is drawn from concentrated worship to a never-ending mental exercise of problem solving. God will have none of that idol in our worship of Him. But He will allow us to release this burden to Him so that it will not stand in the way of entering into true worship of Him.

Jesus also said that we could learn from Him as to how to carry our burdens, by being in that yoke with Him. It is within the close proximity of Jesus through His yoke that we learn to hear His voice, and know that it is He. It is there that we test the other voices and know that they lead us to anger or despair and into more burdens, which is not Jesus’ voice. Jesus said His burden for us is light. Why is this? It is because He stands beside us in the yoke with us, and He does the heavy lifting of those things we fear. We learn to stand under the burden He gives us and it is light, provided we have released our heavy burden to Him.

If God is with us and for us, if God is sovereign and Omnipotent, is there a safer or better place to find His help and His comfort than in this place next to Him? As you take a step in discovering what true worship is, release the burden that you are carrying and place it on the Lord. He tells you to do this. I have included a verse for you to read and to remember His invitation. Allow the truth of Jesus’ invitation to comfort you. I  also recommend you listen to a beautiful song that I love. It is called "Here" by Kari Jobe.  You can find it on YouTube or one of the music apps. This song has helped me to enter the place of refuge I speak of. Listen to it and see if it might help you go to this place where your Shepherd awaits you. 


Day 2

About this Plan

True Worship

Worship is not just a service on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings or when we gather with other believers.  God is inviting us into a life of worship.  Join us for a discovery of what it means to really worship God a...


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