Combating Anxiety With God's Word


Anxiety is a strange thing. It seems to creep up on me when I am least expecting it and unwelcomely upholds residence in my mind. It can often be paralyzing. Other times I’ll stress out about something excessively, which causes me to fix my thoughts upon myself and the waves of worry seem never-ending. Whether the effects of anxiety are physically debilitating or just cause me to become frustrated, I have learned that the only things that have freed me from this bondage are the promises of the Scriptures. Now I am not saying that anxiety can be cured with a simple reading of the Word, but fixating our thoughts on Christ and the Bible instead of ourselves can prove to be life altering.  

The Scriptures give us hope. We can see in the New Testament where Jesus talks about battling the unbelief that anxiety tries to provoke in us (Luke 12:22-31). Shifting our eyes unto God and His providences gives us comfort that apart from Him we wouldn’t have (Psalm 94:19). When fear becomes paralyzing, we must cling to Christ…He will sustain us (Psalm 55:2). Although we are not promised a life that is free from anxiety, we can rest assured know that our God is fighting for us— He is our almighty Helper.  

My dear friends, there is restoration in Christ for those who are weary. Merciful and kind, our God has not given us a spirit of fear. He has given us a spirit of love, of power, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). The world tries to give us all kinds of reasons to worry and be anxious, but when we look to God, we find authentic, everlasting peace that this world simply cannot take or replace. Get in the Bible, look to Christ, and trust in the assurances provided to us. With the help of the Holy Spirit we can fight anxiety and receive the joy in Christ that God has for our feeble souls.