The Shadow Of My Porch Swing - Part 4

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The Sun Comes Up

In the midst of the silence I hear a shuffle around my bed followed by ‘mommy, I need you.’ Groggily I stir and get up to take his hand and walk back to bed. ‘What’s wrong?’ I question. ‘I had a mean dream and was scared,’ his small voice quivers. We stop to pray and ask Jesus to restore peace and rest over his heart and mind. Usually he hops straight back to bed but tonight he lingers and turns for a hug. ‘I love you a whole bunch mommy...I can’t wait for the sun to come up.’ ‘Oh buddy, when night is over the sun always comes up.’ His mind at ease, he bounds back to bed as I shuffle back to mine, my mind racing with the truth spoken right then to the midst of my soul. 

Darkness hides so much stuff. It pretends things it’s not, grows fear, and feels ongoing. It often drags on and tries to occupy my mind for longer than necessary. Praise be to the Lord of hope, the Son of God, who never sleeps or grows weary. He sets the heavens in order and reveals his hand as the sun rises on each new day. I’m always in awe of the sunrise, and maybe it is because with the first break of light the memory of night is gone. A new day awaits, the promise of life, and I can’t help but smile and take a deep breath. The night might be scary and seems like it will last forever but joy is coming with the sun in the morning.

Do you feel lost and alone in the dark? Do you stay scared in bed, or get up and go find your Father? Pray for the Lord to renew the truth that morning is coming. 

Jesus, you never sleep or turn away from me. I'm always on your mind and your heart beats right along with mine. This season feels dark and scary. Hold my hand and lead me into your peace. Remind me again that morning always comes after the night.