Overwhelmed By My Blessings (Part 12)


“You are so dumb!”  

“A good mom would never have said that.” 

“Can’t you do anything right?” 

These weren’t words I spoke to someone else. These cynical, self-deprecating beratings, along with many others, were spoken to me—by me! 

Why do we speak such condemning words over ourselves, aloud or silent? Why are we harsher with ourselves than we would ever be with others?

Do we consider ourselves unworthy? Are we trying for perfection that will never come on this side of Paradise? Do we have a really poor, wrong image of ourselves?

Maybe the answer is found in all these questions and more. The reality is we consciously need to be speaking life over ourselves and that won’t happen until we choose to see ourselves as God sees us. 

What we think about ourselves will be evident because what we think becomes our words. You would never be ok with one of your children speaking such self- sabotaging words about himself. Neither should you speak negative thoughts about yourself! 

Our adverse thoughts are exploited by our adversary—our enemy, satan. Since he is the father of lies, he is delightfully satisfied when our inner dialogue is full of lies and he hopes we will agree with him. He sinisterly smiles when we forget who we are and Whose we are. Our loving Father, the Most High God, reminds us we are His daughters, His Princesses. He calls us beautiful, lovely, chosen, the apple of His eye. Whose version of you will you choose? What will you believe about yourself?

Your Father makes no mistakes and knows what He is saying about you. Do you? Do you believe Him? He chose you!

Tell yourself who you really are! Then, hold your head high and walk in the confidence of Love that will pour onto everyone around you. 

Father, You know I’ve said some pretty ugly things about myself. Please forgive me for speaking poorly about Your chosen daughter, me. I repent and ask You to make me very aware of my inner dialogue and any agreements I may have made with the enemy. I break those agreements by remembering who I am, and by exchanging my negative thoughts for Your true, life-giving thoughts. Today I will no longer speak negatively about myself and I choose to believe I am Your favorite, chosen daughter, reflecting the twinkle in Your eye!

Consider reading today’s scriptures from The Passion Translation (TPT).