Christmas: The King Has Come


Isaiah: Peace

Read today's verse.

God tells Isaiah that the age of darkness would soon be at an end, for light was coming into the world (John 1). Isaiah is given a beautiful flash, a vision of prophetic insight where he is told that man’s hope and future does not rest in himself, but in the Child that is to be born of a virgin—referred to in the double fulfillment prophecy of Isaiah 7:14. A Son would be given—offered by the Father as a ransom for many—upon whose shoulders the government would rest, whose Kingdom would endure forever.

This Child, Immanuel, was no doubt of royal blood, a King of saints, ruling hearts on His throne of grace through love and redemption. He would rightly be called Wonderful Counselor, the One who knows and shares the counsel of the Father with men; Mighty God, for He is God in the flesh who came down to save us; Everlasting Father, for He is one with the Father; and Prince of Peace, for He reconciles us to God.

Imagine the peace that must have swept over Isaiah upon receiving this revelation, which was not exactly an easy accomplishment considering the time in which Isaiah lived. Isaiah’s ministry came during a time when the people of Judah had fallen away from the Lord, a period of great unrest and upheaval.

But the Giver of peace was coming, the Messiah, the salvation of Abraham’s children, the King of Israel . . . Immanuel, God with us! Though He wasn’t alive to see Jesus in the flesh, to hear Him tell the people to love their enemies, or see Him give sight to the blind, Isaiah surely experienced the peace that surpasses all understanding through the revelation that the Redeemer was coming.

Peace is hard to come by today. With wars, diseases, financial turmoil, and scandal upon scandal dominating the news, how can we possibly have peace in our hearts? During this hectic season of preparation and gift giving—when pressure mounts over what to buy and who to buy for, or depression hits or past hurts resurface—where is peace? Where it’s always been: Jesus, the Prince of Peace!

No matter what’s going on around you, no matter how dark everything may seem, the light of the world has come to redeem and give rest to those who look to Him. The peace of God that surpasses understanding is yours through the Son who was given. Today, spend time considering the areas in your life where peace seems far off, and give them over to God. Pray in faith and with confidence that the Wonderful Counselor will do what He promised!

For The Kids: Life Can Sometimes Be Hard.

Yesterday, we talked about how God promised David that someday Jesus would come to the earth through his family—and He did! We learned we could trust God to do what He says. God told another man that someday Jesus would come. His name was Isaiah. God spoke to Isaiah and told him His son would come and forgive us for our sins, save us, and give us peace.

Sometimes life is really hard. Maybe you’re in the middle of a disagreement with one of your friends or a family member. Maybe there are things you’re uncertain of or feel really sad about. Jesus promises to be with us, to comfort us, and give us His peace. Think about the areas in your life where you don’t have any peace and give them over to God.

Today's Challenge

Go to someone you may have hurt and ask for their forgiveness.