The Call


Living Worthy of Our Calling 

A calling from God isn’t just for some “special” believers who have a full-time ministry vocation. Every Christian has God’s calling on their life. The Greek word for calling is klésis (klay'-sis). It means a (divine) calling, or an invitation. Essentially, we were called (and rescued) from “team darkness” and invited to join “team light.” And as followers of Christ, we are to live worthy of this holy invitation. Our new jersey came at the highest price. So, what kind of transferred teammate will you be? For me—I want to live worthy of my new calling for my new Coach. My new Dad. The One who gave Himself for me.

So, how do we do that? Every Christian is called to follow and become like Christ. Therefore, we should ask ourselves, “How do I become Christlike?” Are the fruits of the Spirit (see Galatians 5:22) something that will simply happen to me when I pray, read the Bible, or go to church? Some believers seem to think so and then end up discouraged by their failure to see spiritual growth.

Here’s what we must remember: On our own, you and I can’t become like Christ. We can’t produce the fruit of love, joy, or goodness by ourselves. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit dwells in us and will supply us His love, but we have to actively choose to follow Him. We choose to walk in His love. We choose His joy over despair, His peace over our fears, His faithfulness over the easy out. Ultimately, if we have any blessed, fruitful results it’s only because we are in a dependent relationship with God. This divine, loving connection is where we rely on and fix our hearts’ affection on our beautiful God. Love and all its stunning fruit is the outcome of this holy relationship. Author Ann Voskamp says it this way, “We do what we do because of who or what we love. Love decides.”

Prayer: Gracious Father, I want to live worthy of Your calling. I want to become like You. Help me to become love as I draw nearer to You.