MOTION: I'm New To This


Welcome to the MOTION: I'm New to This plan. Reading this devotional is going to be an exciting 14 days for you! We are going to tackle topics that will help you follow Jesus and live out your faith every day. If you commit to these 14 days, we know that you will see the Bible come alive in your life and you will discover following Jesus is the best decision you could ever make in life. Here are three tips to get the most possible out of these 14 days: 1. Turn on some worship music as you read the Bible. Some music might help you focus on God. 2. If you do not understand something or have questions about what you read, talk to a leader or mentor you trust. 3. Keep a pen and paper close by, and if a word or verse stands out to you or you feel like God speaks to you, then write it down. Now, lets dive into today's devotional. 

When you prayed to give your life to Jesus and meant that prayer in your heart, it counted. God heard your prayer, and the Bible says that all of heaven celebrated and cheered because you gave your life to Jesus. When you did that, you received all the love God has no matter what you do. Jesus went to the cross so that all the sin you have done wrong in the past could be washed away. Salvation is great because it gives you eternal life in heaven and because it gives you a life free of guilt, shame, and sin on earth.

Now you do not have to live in fear of sinning or doing something wrong on the weekend. Now you get to fight from a place of victory because sin no longer controls your life. You now get to live your life as a light to the world sharing about what God’s love did for you and how it changed your life! You can tell your friends about what Jesus did in your life, and they will be watching to see how you live now that God changed your life.