Hiding Place: An 8-Day Devotional By Tori Kelly

Day 7 of 8 • This day’s reading



Traveling on the road can get lonely. There have been times where I was more familiar with airports and hotels than my own home. Even though I was surrounded by a lot of people and performing in front of crowds, at the end of the day it’s just me laying my head down surrounded by white walls, and that can feel very lonely. 

One specific morning before a writing session I got anxious. I realized I was going to write songs about God for the first time in my life and I started doubting myself and whether I had the ability to do it. I’ve always loved God, but could I articulate this in a song? There were so many other dynamics that made me feel even more lonely. I was in a new city, missing friends and family back home, and I didn't think anyone could understand me in that moment. 

Working in mysterious ways, it’s like God dropped a little reminder into my heart saying, “remember I told you I'd never leave you? I’ve already gone before you and I am in control. Just trust me.” I instantly felt his peace come over me. Courage filled my heart and I grabbed my phone and typed out the phrase “I’m never alone.” Little did I know what God would do with that note. 

Later that day I spent time writing with a man who made me feel the furthest thing from lonely. “Papa Kirk” (aka. Kirk Franklin) and I sat down to write our first ever song together. We started talking and I read a note to him from my phone. “Let’s start with this,” I said, “I am never alone.” Around this simple phrase a song was built that, I pray, reminds people of the same thing God told me that morning... you are never alone.