Kim Walker-Smith - When Christmas Comes

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Most of us who have grown up in church, have at some point sang the song “Away in a Manger” during a children’s Christmas play. We learn it at a very young age. For some of us, it is a lullaby that our mother’s sang to us. As I write this, I am 8 months pregnant and currently have a 1 year-old son. I have already been singing this song to him as a lullaby! As a mother, there are times I worry about whether or not I’m doing a good job, asking the Lord to continuously teach me to be a good mom, and praying that I will be a good example to my children. I think about the destiny and the dreams that God has placed inside my babies and even with all the excitement I can feel a weight of responsibility.

How incredible, that God would trust me with these precious ones and the destiny that is within them! I can’t imagine how Mary must have felt to have an angel appear, and tell her that she would give birth to a King; the Savior of the World! So many questions must have run through her mind like “Who am I to give birth to a King?” and “How on earth will I know how to raise a King?” The angel goes on to tell Mary that nothing is impossible with God. He doesn’t expect perfection from us, only a heart that says “yes” to following Him. He promises to never leave us and He walks with us on this journey. A heart that trusts the Lord is a heart at peace. Just say yes to Him.

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